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combo 1The Confidence Cure product suits a wide variety of potential niches because it addresses a problem that is widespread in all areas of human life; namely, how to overcome inner mental obstacles in order to achieve the success that people seek. The product is a system of mental reprogramming audios, which helps users to overcome problems of low self-confidence that is crippling their success and potential.

Hence, it is particularly suited to the Self-Help/Personal Development niche. However, it can also work very well in the Business niche, most particularly in the Small Business arena where entrepreneurs are challenged by their own inner demons that so often hold them back in so many ways. Likewise, because it is about Confidence, this product can work well in many other areas, e.g. relationships, starting that novel/screenplay, and so on.

The affiliate program is run by Clickbank and we currently pay 75% commissions, minus the usual Clickbank charges etc. If you already have a Clickbank account, you can head over to our affiliate tools page , input your Clickbank ID, and then use any of a large range of pre-created tools to start promoting right away. If you are NOT a Clickbank affiliate, then you can head over to Clickbank to join and obtain your affiliate ID.

Conversions to your email list for The Confidence Cure can be very high. When the product was first completed, we did a launch to a small and not particularly warm list, but one to which a solid relationship had been previously developed. We  received the following results (click the images to see the high-resolution versions):

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6-22-2013 4-47-05 PM

Hence, 337 unique visitors produced 19 sales (i.e. those within the rectangle resulted from this specific promotion). This translates to a conversion rate of 5.6% on the sales letter. Given that the product price is $49.97, and the affiliate commission is 75%, this translates to a earnings per visitor figure of $2.09 (excluding Clickbank charges). In other words, assuming the same conversion rate, over the long-term you can reasonably expect to earn on average over $2 for every visitor you send!

While this result was for a launch discount price, there is no reason why similar results should not be obtained at full price if you have a list that trusts and respects you and your recommendations. In fact, we provide you with the three-email sequence use to obtain this result in the pre-created emails section of the Affiliate Tools that you have access to.

Note that the present product is substantially different from then in that (1) it contains several more key components (e.g. a complete self-confidence course has been added), (2) extra bonuses, and (3) a substantially higher price (meaning higher commissions for YOU!) The sales letter has also been accordingly re-written and improved in numerous ways.

Also, please note that if you have a substantial list (e.g. 1000 subscribers or over), we can set up a dedicated sales page for you of the “Special Offer For Friends Of X” type wherein you can offer your subscribers a substantial discount, should you wish to do so. Just contact us and ask!

Note that we get visitors to optin via the video landing page , and we then follow up with them multiple times via email, thereby giving them multiple opportunities to purchase the product. Should they do so at any time in the process, you will be credited with the sale commission. Hence, your affiliate commission is NOT solely dependent upon a single viewing of the sales letter, but rather enjoys a powerful follow-up process that will be continually tweaked, extended and tested for optimal results. This is better for both of us because, as you probably know, the vast majority don’t purchase the first time they see a sales presentation.

We are committed to maximizing profits for you. Hence, we shall continue to test new affiliate tools, new versions of the sales letter, different prices and offers, and video sales letters too. We are also committed to training our affiliates, via posts to the affiliate blog on this site, as well as via email follow-up where we will provide you with additional promotional resources.

Also, because our program is run by Clickbank, you can be 100% certain of getting paid, which can definitely NOT be said of many affiliate vendors out there.

Therefore, please DO join our affiliate program with confidence, knowing that our affiliate program is a serious one, it is here to stay, and you can only profit long-term. At the same time,  you are also greatly helping your subscribers/customers by introducing them to a first class product that will truly change their lives for the better.

Please note that you may not use spam, spyware, parasiteware, adware or any other such means to promote this program. Failure to comply will result in instant termination and loss of affiliate commissions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. Thank you.

To Your Success!

Asoka Selvarajah


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