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Google Adwords Tips For Affiliate Marketers

For affiliate marketers using Google Adwords, here are some key strategies to use to optimize your results and achieve better conversions for your affiliate marketing promotions.

These are ten basic tips that anyone of any experience with Google Adwords should consider using immediately…

1. Use dynamic titles. This is easy, they don’t cost a cent and they will usually give you a good effect in conversion rates. You can make a dynamic title by putting {keyword: your backup title here}. Your back up title is there in case the search phrase is too long. Many people do not even know that dynamic titles exist, and yet they can be very powerful indeed.

2. Don’t use content targeting and search network initially. Leave this feature alone until you are really confident about using Google adwords. It’s complicated and you don’t know where your keywords will be showing if you don’t know how to make it work properly. Moreover, the surest way to fail in anything is to take on too much and to try to do too much at any one time. Once you master basic Google Adwords, then you can extend your campaign out to these other areas.

3. Use global negatives. If you are selling a product for example, you don’t want people to find your ad if they are searching for something for free. So, in this case, the word “free” would be a negative match keyword, i.e. all keyword searches with this word in it will not show your ad. The correct use of negative keywords can and will drastically reduce the cost of your campaign as well as increase your conversions, because you are increasing the quality of your potential audience by targeting them far more precisely.

4. Optimize your landing page. Your landing page is the sales pitch or registration page that the visitor will go to when thy click on your ad. Don’t use your homepage unless it only deals with the specific product. This is a science unto itself. However, suffice it to say that unless your landing page clearly reflects the promise of your ad, and also provides something of value to the visitor, you are just paying for clicks and will not get any results.

5. Split test multiple ads and constantly improve your campaigns. Adwords allows you to create multiple ads in a campaign and rotate them. So, if you create three ads for example, visitor 1 sees ad 1, visitor 2 sees ad 2, visitor 3 sees ad 3, and then the whole thing rotates back to ad 1 and repeats for visitor 4 onwards. Google accumulates the statistics and you can then examine the performance of each ad relative to the other in terms of click-through rate, cost per click, and even the desired conversion action on your website. Split testing is an absolute MUST as it means that your campaigns are continually improving in performance.

6. Don’t use superlatives. Words like ‘world’s best’, ‘mum’s pick’ or ‘most popular product’ will get instant disapproval from Google. In any case, it often looks like hype to the ever more skeptical Internet public. If you do mention something like this “America’s best selling face cream”, you need to make sure that it is backed up and referenced on your landing page.

7. Don’t get into a bidding war. It’s not worth it. Consider how important it really is, sit back and wait. Your turn will come. Usually, there are more strategies that you can use than just price alone. At the very least, you can look for less competitive keyword phrases and bid on those.

You need to make sure that you aren’t over-bidding for a keyword because of the competitive nature of PPC advertising. If you really do need to bid on this keyword, then so be it. But make sure you can justify it to yourself from a sound business perspective, and then watch your statistics and conversions very closely.

8. Budget. Adwords is addictive, and you can end up spending too much money on it. Make sure what you are doing is working before you invest more. Remember that this is business and the main idea is to get qualified traffic to your landing page in order to get the visitors to take the action you want. The idea is not to have the no.1 ad or to send Google lots of money for nothing. Hence, run things on as small a budget as possible to start with and then only scale up once things are really working for you.

9. Geo-target. When you set up a new campaign, you can target your ads to your target audience in your campaign settings. You can target individual countries and even cities and states. This can give you far better results if you use it smartly.

10. Watch your competition. Keep a close eye on them. Can you figure out their strategy? Are they using automated bidding programs? Are they more successful than you? Look over their landing page and the results they are getting and see what you could be doing differently. Your best education can come from studying your competitors. Best of all, it is an education they are giving you for free, and spending their own money to do it! There are paid services online that allow you to better do this for a cost, such as Spyfu.Com and Trellian.Com.

So, these are some key concepts to ensure that you are using in your Google Adwords affiliate marketing campaigns. They will ensure you have better conversions and pay less for your affiliate marketing ads over the long term.

(Note: In the affiliate tools section of this site, we have provided you with several excellent Google Adwords ads for The Confidence Cure. These ads are applicable in different niches. Use them as they are, or use them for inspiration to create your own for the niches given, and any other that you think would be appropriate for the product.)

How To Create Your Affiliate Marketing Blog By Customizing WordPress

In a previous article on this blog, we discussed how WordPress is an excellent platform for creating an affiliate marketing blog.

There are some essential plug ins that you should know about if you are considering how to customize your WordPress blog. A plugin is a small program that is created by a third party. It is designed to be integrated into your WordPress application and will enhance the functionality of the platform.

Plugins are a way to make your blog stand out from the rest using sophisticated graphics and optimizing it for maximum traffic which will turn into maximum revenue.

There are thousands of plugins out there which are appropriate for integration into WordPress and with so much choice you will soon realize that the question is not how to customize
Wordpress, but how do you choose which plugins to use?

You can do anything with these great little programs from managing spam, creating events calendars, viewing statistics and so much more. There is a full list of plugins that are word press compatible at the main WordPress site.

So just to make your life a little easier, here  are a few powerful free plugin ideas to get you started…

Adsense-Deluxe is a package that allows you to place actual Google ads inside your blogging template whilst monitoring and ensuring that you do not break the 3 ad block rule that is necessary under Google’s terms and agreements. You would only use this if you wish to do Adsense advertising. Otherwise, you do not need it.

Another great customizing tool for word press is Google Sitemaps which create a customized  site map of your blog that is completely Google compatible. This will allow you to keep your blog as up to date in Google search listings as possible.

The Gravatar is a little program that allows you to create an avatar that is linked directly to your email address and will follow you from blog to blog – regardless of where you are commenting or posting. It’s a great little trick that will not only give you personality online but also keep you consistent.

When you are considering how to optimize WordPress you should consider adding the plugin called Related posts. This plugin allows you to display a list beside each of your blogs which has all of the links to your previous postings. It can keep buyers on your site for much longer; keeping them more interested in you, your products, and what you are going to write about next.

The ultimate tag warrior is a great way how to optimize your WordPress. Tagging assists in summarizing what your post is about and provides a clear way for your followers and readers to navigate around your site and find the exact information that they are looking for – or to just browse around through related tags. This is a great way to keep people interested and can bring more people to your site through SEO.

One important thing to remember is that having too many active plugins on your blog can actually slow it down, which means that your blog posts will take longer to load. This would ultimately have a negative SEO impact since the search engines consider load time to be a significant factor in their ranking algorithms. So, only activate plugins that you intend to use, and either deactivate or preferably completely remove the rest.

Another important factor in making your affiliate blog look good is the use of an excellent theme. Like with plugins, there are thousands of them. You could even use the default theme that comes with WordPress and just tweak it. In fact, this very blog uses the default WordPress theme! Not too bad, don’t you think? The key point is that whatever theme you choose should make your site look as professional as possible, be appropriate for what you wish to do with the site, and be a theme that you understand how to adjust. If you do not wish to become an expert at tweaking WordPress themes etc., you can easily hire people very cheaply at to do it all for you. In fact, again, that is precisely what I did in setting up this site: there were some aspects of things that I did not wish to waste time on, and so I hired them out to someone who could do it way better and faster than I ever could.

Finally, if you want to create a very powerful WordPress-based site, then watch this detailed WordPress training video which will give you a complete training and many useful tips, even if you are already an experienced WordPress user.

With these tips, you should have a much clearer idea of how to customize your wordpress installation.  You can use as many or as few of them as you like. The best thing to do is to experiment and see what works for you. So, head over to your blog and see which plugins and theme are right for you!

How To Use Blogging To Make Money In Affiliate Marketing

Pretty well everybody nowadays not living in a cave knows what blogging is. However, only a few people truly know how to make money blogging as an affiliate.

Essentially blogs are really good content management systems which help you create a large volume of well written content for your website. Indeed, these days the blog IS the website for many individuals and businesses.

Blogging in the affiliate marketing world is not difficult. It can be as simple as writing an email or article, as you might normally do. All you need to do is use your blogging platform software, type that message in, click enter and then immediately you have a clever little blog post. In fact, on any given day, over two million blog posts are published! You can find some fascinating blog facts in this blogging infographic. Also, this blogging article gives you a wealth of fascinating facts as well as a multitude of reasons why you should start a blog.

Not only are blogs immediately linked to your site and to your other content pages, they are also very search engine friendly in their conception. One of the best blogging platforms of all, and the one that is highly recommended, is WordPress (e.g. this very site is built on WordPress). It is easily the most powerful, and third party developers have written countless plugins to make it better. It is extremely easy to customize WordPress to make it look and do exactly what you want. Best of all, it is free!

However, the question still remains, how can you make money blogging as an affiliate? Frankly, blogs are more likely to help you if you are an affiliate who is concerned with quality marketing. This means that you are associated with a few very carefully selected markets and quality products (such as The Confidence Cure!), and that you really feel passionate about the products that you are marketing.

Hence, integrity is a critical part of the process. You should only promote what you yourself are in harmony in, truly believe in, and know can really help your list. Sincerity and true enthusiasm show. So too does deceit.

Blogs will help you to create a real dialogue with your community, which is important to start the ball rolling when you are learning how to make affiliate money blogging. You will ultimately make more revenue from your blogs if you are actually having a conversation with your readers and eventual buyers. You build trust and credibility, and they therefore take your recommendations more seriously.

Blogging also helps you greatly with search engine optimization. Blogs lets you create original content that is frequently updated and which will immediately help your search engine listings – getting you viewed more often and giving you a better opportunity to make more sales and make more money.

So you understand how blogs can make money, but how can you make affiliate marketing money blogging? Well here are some simple tips that you should be doing so that you can really increase your revenue…

Spend at least 30 minutes every day on your blogging projects; two days writing your own blogs, three other days responding to comments, and researching/reading other people’s blogs in your niche.

Write all of your blog posts for the week in one sitting. That way you have them already written exactly the way you want them to be and you can schedule them to be posted on the appropriate day of the week. This will make sure that your blog writing is consistent and you are creating credibility for yourself by posting relevant well written posts every day of the week – regardless how busy you might be.

One of the most important tips when you are learning how to earn money from blogging is to make sure that you have an opt-in option for your blog so that you can get people on a mailing list. This means that you can keep in touch with people who are interested in your product and it will remind them that you are out there, writing great stuff about a great market.

It is all about making money, but don’t make it too obvious. Make sure that you really visit all sides of your market – not only the money making sides – as it will give you more credibility in the long run. In other words, you need to genuinely care about your readers and customers, about their welfare, and not just about the money!

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you know the basics of how to make money blogging, get blogging today!

Affiliate Marketing With Adwords: Improving Your Quality Score For Better Results

Google Adwords remains one of the most powerful PPC methods for driving traffic to any offer.

The key to this strategy is to improve what is called the quality score in Adwords; the measure that Google makes of the quality of your landing page and website. The quality score in Google Adwords is the basis for measuring the quality and relevance of your ads and directly effects your keywords minimum cost per click and your search results placement.

The quality score is determined by a number of factors, including your ad’s CTR (click through rate), the relevance of your ad’s text, the performance of your ad historically and the quality of your landing page.

It’s very important to have a good quality score in Adwords because this determines the minimum bid for your ad. If you have a good quality score in Adwords you will have a low minimum bid and it will cost you less to use Adwords. The worse your quality score, the more you will pay for the same position placement of your ad.

You can improve your quality score in Adwords by producing a website that is multi-paged and contains a lot of content. Now, this in itself sounds like a pretty simple tip, but you can’t just add a whole lot of content for the sake of adding content – you have to make sure that you provide it while still keeping your visitors flowing through your site in the manner that you want to do.

You can add links at the bottom of landing pages. ‘Contact us’ links, ‘privacy information’ links, articles links, these links all go to separate pages on your site. Now all of a sudden you have a content filled site. Also, these links are no longer optional but rather mandatory for a site to be used with Adwords.

You can make money from your article pages by including affiliate links or by adding Adsense to them. For this to work and to improve the quality score in Adwords it has to be relevant information – otherwise it really is just pointless. You need to ensure first and foremost that your landing page is optimized for both your search term and for your Adwords listing.

You need to make sure that all of the words that you use in your adwords ad are used on your landing page, this might mean you have to make numerous different landing pages, one for each ad or adwords group. That might seem annoying, but to optimize and improve your quality score in adwords – there is just no arguing the matter – it just has to be done.

Another thing you should do to improve your quality score in adwords is to make sure that your site is optimized for organic search engine listings, i.e. the search engine listings in Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. that are not of the pay-per-click kind. It will boost your relevancy from a quality score point of view as well as an SEO point of view, and it will ultimately help you create more revenue.

You need to improve the flow of traffic into your site and through your site and protect yourself from further changes in the quality score algorithms in the future. The best way to do that is to optimize your site so that it accesses all pay per click and organic search engine listings.

Try out these tips on improving your quality score on adwords, it might take a while for Google to turn it around so that it is in your favor again. Just be patient, or alternatively if you can’t be  patient you can request a manual review from Google and see how the changes you have made are going to affect your future quality score.

Cover all your bases, it’s just the smart thing to do.

Some Powerful Email Listbuilding Tips

Email marketing is one of the best ways to market your business and connect with your clients.  In this article, you’ll find some great list building tips that will help you get the most out of your  affiliate business and your email marketing.

How do you start building a list? First, note that the email list is THE most important element of any email  marketing campaign. Without a list, you don’t really have a campaign. And if you haven’t built your list  correctly, your campaign could really suffer because of it. (Yes, some affiliate marketers don’t have lists and merely send traffic straight from online PPC ads to merchant product pages. However, they are truly missing out in a big way as a result of not having that traffic on their own email lists to contact repeatedly).

So here are some basic list building tips to help you get started:

Firstly, you should make it easy to sign up to be on your email list. Make sure that it is easy to  find on your website. The easier it is for people to see that you have a mailing list, the more likely they will be to sign up for it.

If you have a shopping section on your website or an online contact form then you should  ensure that you have a checkbox of some kind where people can opt into being on your mailing list straight for these. As they are already putting their details into your site, you can both kill two birds with one stone.

Another great list building tip is to make sure that you guarantee your reader’s privacy. Internet privacy has always been a questionable issue and you want to make sure that your clients feel safe and secure with giving out their details to you. The simple words “Important: We Respect Your Email Privacy” placed below your optin forms can do absolute wonders to increase your email optin rates.

You can also consider telling your subscribers how often you will be sending messages to them when they  sign up. Or, give them the opportunity to choose how often they get updated, and what sort of  updates they receive from you. Admittedly, not many marketers do any of this, but it could possibly help your optin rates. The secret, as always, is to test with such a message and without, and then see what effect its presence/absence has on your optin rate.

People like to feel like they are in control of how many advertisements and updates they receive.  And no one likes to be bombarded by a huge volume of emails. If you do this, they will undoubtedly unsubscribe, or at least delete them all, never having read them in the first place. Hence, another idea you could implement is to have a SECOND email list that you email to less frequently. Then, when people come to your unsubscribe page to take leave of you, place a message there “selling them” on the idea of merely moving to your less frequently mailed list. That way, at least you keep the subscriber in some form without losing the person altogether.

A powerful list building tip, one that you will see literally everywhere these days, is to give something away. The most successful sign-ups come from campaigns where the subscriber gets something for free. It can be a coupon, a free report, an ebook, a piece of software – it doesn’t matter what. People like to feel like they are getting something for their time, especially something free. Make sure that it is clear that they are also signing up for your mailing list with this gift and that they can unsubscribe later should they choose to do so.

Finally, perhaps the most important list building tips: You should always keep your email list  permission-based. You can send your contacts an email asking them if they would like to be involved on the list, and you have to make sure that you have an unsubscribe option as well. This is called double-optin, i.e they opt in once via your site optin form, and then they are sent an email that contains a link, which they must click, to confirm that they really wish to do so.

This does add to your security against spammers joining your list by using other people’s email addresses. It can also increase the ultimate quality of the subscribers themselves (since they had to do one more step to join). However, you will also lose valid optins via this process since many people will never confirm, or maybe never receive the confirmation email. Hence, a lot of affiliate marketers prefer single optin, i.e. the sign-up via the website only.

These are basic tips and guidelines for starting with email marketing. If you implement them, your affiliate marketing results will improve as your list grows over time.

Using Twitter For Affiliate Marketing

Making money via affiliate marketing with online networking sites like Twitter is not as difficult as you might first think. But you do need to be very organised.

To learn how to make money on Twitter you have to take the time to understand numbers and relevance. It comes down to statistics and mathematics of numbers and how that relates to networks and who is going to see your messages.

Who is ‘following’ you, and how many people are ‘following’ you? Are your ‘followers’ of the right target audience for the product you are broadcasting? You have to be careful to craft this in such a way that you give yourself the best chance to create the most revenue.

You will need to understand the balance of these statistics as well as pre-writing your messages and making sure that they are worded in such a way that enhances your effectiveness. Before you can make money on Twitter, you need to understand what Twitter is and the  elements that will make it work for you.

As you probably know by now, Twitter is an online networking site that only asks you one question essentially, ‘what are you doing?’ And this question is answered literally by millions of Twitter users who tweet about themselves, their products, their business and their lives numerous times a day.

The answers must be under 140 characters in length and can now be sent via texting, instant messaging services and through the Twitter site on the internet.

If you want to make money on Twitter you need to understand that just typing into this field,  “check out this great link/product etc.” is not going to get you the results that you want. In fact, it  will get you quite the opposite.

Messages like this will be blocked or banned. You cannot have direct sales messages, because it is against Twitter’s terms of use. Besides, it really isn’t going to generate many sales anyway…

So how do you do it?

You have to be clever, you have to be creative and find a way to word your advertisement that will draw in your ‘followers’ and help you make money on Twitter. If you are trying to market an online gaming site or game, then you would write, ‘Just played (Game name) on (site name). It was great!’ or something of the like. If you are promoting The Confidence Cure, you might say “Just found a great resource that helps with low self-confidence” and then give the URL, using a URL shortener.

Design is an important element of making money on Twitter. Make sure your Twitter page is personalized including photos, bio and any other elements that might make you/your products really stand out and keep people interested.

Make sure that you are targeting the right audience when you are making money on Twitter. For example, there is no point marketing gaming to a middle aged female audience – they aren’t going to be interested. Find other people who are tweeting about topics that are relevant to your product and get them to follow you!

There are some great tips online about how to optimize this search and really shape your audience to be your ideal target market. Just search ‘Search Twitter’ into Google and see what you can find! You can also search Youtube videos on the subject, and on the subject of Twitter marketing in general.

Make sure that your Tweets come out regularly. You can set this up on Twitter so you can have automated and recurring tweets. It will help you to be most effective in your use of time but make sure that you have a minimum of 12 different tweets that revolve so that you don’t get shut down for too many repeated tweets.

Overall, Twitter is an excellent medium for affiliate marketing. However, like anything it takes some thought, imagination and persistence. That said, all of these are rewarded in spades when you start to see actual sales as a result of your efforts.

Affiliate Marketing: What is it?

This affiliate marketing article is a beginner’s guide to the subject for people are new to marketing and have little idea what an affiliate is, let alone what is meant by affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn some extra money, particularly if you have a website of your own. Many people believe that “you can basically make money without actually doing anything”.

Well, that’s not completely true; you actually do have to DO something, at the very least, at the beginning (and preferably thereafter, if you want to truly grow your income to is highest potential). But once you have set it all up, as a well-oiled system, then you can just sit back and see the money roll in.

So how does this work? To be an affiliate, you can do as little as basically place an ad for someone else’s business or product on your website. There doesn’t have to be any direct selling or promotion. All you have to do is put the advertisement up there.Then, provided that you have decent traffic visiting that website, a proportion of these visitors will click your advertisement and view the product you are promoting.

There can be more advertising or promotion if you want to do email promotions and so on, but in this article we are just going to talk the basics of ‘what is affiliate marketing.’ We are going to talk about who is involved, and most importantly, how you make the money!

So, if you own a website you can be an affiliate; someone who passively promotes another person’s product or service.  That other person is called the merchant.

The merchant has benefits as well, and this is why affiliate marketing works so well. The merchant doesn’t necessarily have to do much selling of their own. They don’t have to buy much ad space or promotion space. They only have to pay the affiliate when the relationship is working, and they only pay when people see the ad or buy the product. This means the merchant knows they are only paying for the results. And that’s good business!

Most people ask the question, what is affiliate marketing, with the desire to know mostly, how do you get paid by affiliate marketing?

Well, there are three main ways to earn money through affiliate marketing:

(1) The first is Pay-per click (PPC). Every time a visitor leaves your website by ‘clicking’ on the link or banner that advertises the merchant product or service, a certain amount of money is paid to the affiliate. This amount can be small or large, that really depends on the product, the relationship and the commission agreement.

(2) Pay per sale is the second way. Every time a visitor buys a product as a result of the advertising on your website a percentage or commission is given to you, the affiliate. This is generally much more than the PPC commission.

(3) Finally, is the pay per lead way of making money. Over time, if a visitor registers the merchant’s website, or enters a competition etc. and gives their details as a result of the advertisement on your site then you get a previously agreed upon amount of money.

It’s really that simple! The hard part when you are learning what is affiliate marketing is deciding which merchants to go with. Happily, with the Confidence Cure product, you are assured of (a) a product that fulfills a strong perceived need by people in many different life areas, (b) a high commission rate, ensuring that you earn decent money on each sale made, (c) a 100% reliable affiliate program network in the form of Clickbank.Com (i.e. whether or not you get paid is outside of the merchant’s control, which means “You make a sale. You get paid. Period!”), (d) on-going affiliate training.

So, what is Affiliate marketing? It’s a great way to make money online. But this is no get rich quick system. It takes lots of research and homework to get there. So, take your time and always ensure that the business relationships you create are mutually beneficial.