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The video below provides a quick run-through tour of all the tools available below on this page. It also shows you how to use this page to pre-configure your Clickbank ID into these tools, if you are unfamiliar with this process (it's very simple). If you are an experienced affiliate marketer, feel free to skip the video and go straight to customizing and using the tools below.


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Copy & Paste Emails for Your List


Mini-Launch Email 1


Mini-Launch Email 2


Mini-Launch Email 3


General Curiosity Email


Confidence Topic Email


Short Email to Get The Clickthrough


Inner Challenge Email

Reviews & Blog Posts


Product Review for Website, Blog or Email


Article 1


Article 2


Article 3


Article 4


Product Review 2

Signature Files

Forum Signature 1

Forum Signature 2

Forum Signature 3


Standard 468x60 Banner 1

Standard 468x60 Banner 2

Standard 468x60 Banner 3

Standard 468x60 Banner 4

Leaderboard 720x90 Banner 1

Wide Skyscraper 160x600 Banner 1

Skyscraper 120x600 Banner 1

Large Rectangle 336x280 Banner 1

Large Square 250x250 Banner 1

Large Square 250x250 Banner 2

Standard 468x60 Banner 5

Standard 468x60 Banner 6

Button 125x125 Banner 1

Large Rectangle 336x280 Banner 2

Large Rectangle 336x280 Banner 3

Facebook Wall Post Image

Thank You Page Banner Blue (Place on page after purchase of YOUR own product)

Thank You Page Banner Red (Place on page after purchase of YOUR product)

Confidence Cure Product Image

PPC Ads (Google Adwords)

You can use the following ads in Google Adwords campaigns for a number of different niches. These are examples from which you can also design your own variations.

You can also download a sheet containing all twelve PPC Ads here