Google Adwords Tips For Affiliate Marketers

For affiliate marketers using Google Adwords, here are some key strategies to use to optimize your results and achieve better conversions for your affiliate marketing promotions.

These are ten basic tips that anyone of any experience with Google Adwords should consider using immediately…

1. Use dynamic titles. This is easy, they don’t cost a cent and they will usually give you a good effect in conversion rates. You can make a dynamic title by putting {keyword: your backup title here}. Your back up title is there in case the search phrase is too long. Many people do not even know that dynamic titles exist, and yet they can be very powerful indeed.

2. Don’t use content targeting and search network initially. Leave this feature alone until you are really confident about using Google adwords. It’s complicated and you don’t know where your keywords will be showing if you don’t know how to make it work properly. Moreover, the surest way to fail in anything is to take on too much and to try to do too much at any one time. Once you master basic Google Adwords, then you can extend your campaign out to these other areas.

3. Use global negatives. If you are selling a product for example, you don’t want people to find your ad if they are searching for something for free. So, in this case, the word “free” would be a negative match keyword, i.e. all keyword searches with this word in it will not show your ad. The correct use of negative keywords can and will drastically reduce the cost of your campaign as well as increase your conversions, because you are increasing the quality of your potential audience by targeting them far more precisely.

4. Optimize your landing page. Your landing page is the sales pitch or registration page that the visitor will go to when thy click on your ad. Don’t use your homepage unless it only deals with the specific product. This is a science unto itself. However, suffice it to say that unless your landing page clearly reflects the promise of your ad, and also provides something of value to the visitor, you are just paying for clicks and will not get any results.

5. Split test multiple ads and constantly improve your campaigns. Adwords allows you to create multiple ads in a campaign and rotate them. So, if you create three ads for example, visitor 1 sees ad 1, visitor 2 sees ad 2, visitor 3 sees ad 3, and then the whole thing rotates back to ad 1 and repeats for visitor 4 onwards. Google accumulates the statistics and you can then examine the performance of each ad relative to the other in terms of click-through rate, cost per click, and even the desired conversion action on your website. Split testing is an absolute MUST as it means that your campaigns are continually improving in performance.

6. Don’t use superlatives. Words like ‘world’s best’, ‘mum’s pick’ or ‘most popular product’ will get instant disapproval from Google. In any case, it often looks like hype to the ever more skeptical Internet public. If you do mention something like this “America’s best selling face cream”, you need to make sure that it is backed up and referenced on your landing page.

7. Don’t get into a bidding war. It’s not worth it. Consider how important it really is, sit back and wait. Your turn will come. Usually, there are more strategies that you can use than just price alone. At the very least, you can look for less competitive keyword phrases and bid on those.

You need to make sure that you aren’t over-bidding for a keyword because of the competitive nature of PPC advertising. If you really do need to bid on this keyword, then so be it. But make sure you can justify it to yourself from a sound business perspective, and then watch your statistics and conversions very closely.

8. Budget. Adwords is addictive, and you can end up spending too much money on it. Make sure what you are doing is working before you invest more. Remember that this is business and the main idea is to get qualified traffic to your landing page in order to get the visitors to take the action you want. The idea is not to have the no.1 ad or to send Google lots of money for nothing. Hence, run things on as small a budget as possible to start with and then only scale up once things are really working for you.

9. Geo-target. When you set up a new campaign, you can target your ads to your target audience in your campaign settings. You can target individual countries and even cities and states. This can give you far better results if you use it smartly.

10. Watch your competition. Keep a close eye on them. Can you figure out their strategy? Are they using automated bidding programs? Are they more successful than you? Look over their landing page and the results they are getting and see what you could be doing differently. Your best education can come from studying your competitors. Best of all, it is an education they are giving you for free, and spending their own money to do it! There are paid services online that allow you to better do this for a cost, such as Spyfu.Com and Trellian.Com.

So, these are some key concepts to ensure that you are using in your Google Adwords affiliate marketing campaigns. They will ensure you have better conversions and pay less for your affiliate marketing ads over the long term.

(Note: In the affiliate tools section of this site, we have provided you with several excellent Google Adwords ads for The Confidence Cure. These ads are applicable in different niches. Use them as they are, or use them for inspiration to create your own for the niches given, and any other that you think would be appropriate for the product.)

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