Affiliate Marketing Conversion Rates – Tips To Boost Yours!

Do you want to increase conversion rates? This article discusses a couple of great ways you can go about doing this that are so easy to do.

One great way to increase your conversion rates is by offering a bonus. This is almost guaranteed to increase your pay per click conversion rates, or your email link clickthrough rates.

A bonus can be any free extra. However, make sure that you are actually offering this reward and that it is not a marketing ‘trick’ (or you will actually end up decreasing your conversion rates!). This encourages a buyer to choose you over your competitors. You see this often on Google if you do a search for “[product name] review” or “[product name] bonus”.

This method is so simple and the bonus can be something as small as a voucher, a discount, or some bonus literature. Alternatively, or it can be as expensive as an iPad or Kindle tablet, depending on the price tag of the affiliate product that you are promoting.

But there is an even easier way to increase your conversion rates. It has to do with the sales copy that you use to promote the affiliate product, whether that be in an email to your list or a blog post article on your website.

Did you know that you can do easily boost your conversion rates just by re-wording the bullet points of your sales copy?

Firstly when you are writing your bullet points to increase conversion rates, write about how the information (product) will help the reader improve their life. Don’t tell them what they are  necessarily going to learn. The truth is that people don’t want to “learn” as that sounds like too much hard work.

This is really important. Just sell the benefits first. It is a cardinal rule in Copywriting. People want to know how this product is going to make their lives better and why they can’t live without it. They don’t initially care about how this is going to happen. It’s good to keep a little mystery to a product at first. This makes them want to  learn more… and then you have just increased your conversion rates straight away!

Another handy tip is to add numbers, for example, ‘Find out 3 little known secrets to how to be content with your body RIGHT NOW!’ It adds to the intrigue and will hook people right away.

If you want to increase your conversion rate with your bullet points stay away from elaborate or fancy language. People want to know what it is going to do for them, keep it simple, long words can bog down the point you are trying to make – no one cares how smart you can sound – they only care what your product can do for them.

If you are really serious about increasing your conversion rate I’d suggest creating an enemy in your bullet points. Create an ‘us’ vs. ‘them’ mentality where you are on the side of the reader – this will make them feel empowered.

It is the really simple things in the wording of your bullet points that is going to help you increase your conversion rates. Things like adding a time factor to create a sense of immediacy and using the word ‘YOU’ instead of the word ‘WE’ makes it about the reader not about you or the company.

Make sure that when you are writing your bullets you utilize creative formatting to increase your conversion rate. You can create more dramatic points by simply italicizing or bolding the font in part of the bullet point to really make the benefit to the reader stand out.

People like this as it draws there eye immediately to what is in it for them. So use careful wording and offer your buyers an added bonus – this will guarantee you seeing an
increase in your conversion rates and your revenue!

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