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Dear Friend,

You were hard-wired for success. That is the truth.

And in this report, you're going to discover the one secret that can help you achieve ALL of your goals and dreams with ease.

But first, let's take a cold hard look at reality, as most people experience it...

Virtually everyone, and that means YOU too, have what can only be called an "inner demon".

It's a malevolent force lurking deep within your mind.  Secretly sabotaging your dreams, undermining your goals, scoffing at your noblest hopes for success.

This is why, no matter how hard you try to succeed, your results often remain mediocre at best.

Now, if you're skeptical, consider the following statements. See which one(s) you resonate with...

I set myself goals but consistently fail to achieve them.
I start a new project with enthusiasm, but let myself get discouraged, distracted, and eventually give up.
Deep down, I believe I have greatness within me. Yet, so far, it's all come to nothing.
I feel like others are more talented and/or more worthy of success than I am.
I believe I'm mediocre, nothing special, and lacking any special gifts. So why bother trying hard?
Whenever I get an idea, I also think of all the reasons why it won't work. So I do nothing about it.
I criticize myself harshly whenever I make a mistake or fail at something I'm trying to do.

If you agree with any of the above statements, it's because your "inner demon" is hard at work.  And sadly, this makes your chance of success as likely as hitting a golf ball and landing it on the moon.

Yes, it's hard to believe that a part of your own mind can function like a secret enemy. Yet, cutting edge scientific discoveries confirm it.

As Psychologist Dr. Jay Noricks states in the introduction to his landmark book, Parts Psychology

"... the normal sense we have of being a unitary I or me is an illusion. It seems to be a necessary illusion but still an illusion. The actuality is that the self is an agglomeration of many selves, and whichever self speaks as the I on any given occasion may be different from the self of group of selves that speaks as the I on another occasion."

Dr. Jay Noricks, Parts Psychology: A Trauma-Based, Self-State Therapy for Emotional Healing


This implies that parts of your mind can secretly act contrary to your conscious goals and dreams. And this is where the self-sabotage crippling so many people comes from.

But the question remains, Why?...


Why do we trash our success so eagerly?...

Why do we give in to our inner demon and live lives of regret-filled mediocrity?

Most people really want to succeed, and yet they struggle hard to do so.  They consistently under-perform others with less talent, intelligence or opportunity than themselves.

I’ve racked my brains about this mystery for ages. And after much research and soul-searching, the answer finally came to me. It's simple, yet profound in its implications...

First, almost all of our failure to achieve is not a result of external reality.

It’s not what happens to us nor what is going on in the world “out there” that really matters.

It might seem that way. And most people make precisely these sorts of excuses. They blame their parents, the economy, their boss, their wife. And so on.

But these are hardly ever the real reasons. They are just excuses that mask the real cause.

Second, the real cause is internal. It's what goes on inside our own minds that makes ALL the difference. And this is where that demon we spoke about is lurking!

Psychologist Dr. Jennifer Crocker recently published a scientific research paper in Journal of Social Issues (Vol. 58, No. 3). Her research examined the effects of self-esteem on college students' performance. She states:

"Students who based their self-esteem on internal sources - such as being a virtuous person or adhering to moral standards - were found to receive higher grades and less likely to use alcohol and drugs or to develop eating disorders."

Jennifer Crocker, PhD, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan

To generalize the point Dr. Crocker makes, the external results you experience in your physical world actually arise from the internals, i.e. the way you think about yourself, your beliefs, and your expectations for success.

Now, there's good news and bad news about all of this. So, let's deal with the good news first.

And that is...


You have a Secret Super-Power within you!

It's MUCH stronger than any negative forces within you. And if you ever choose to unleash that secret power, it'll wreak serious damage on the inner demon and all his works. In fact, there'll be nothing left of them.

So what is this secret power?...

It’s nothing less than your own subconscious mind!

And to give you some idea of its enormous dormant power, imagine a golf ball sitting in the middle of a huge sports stadium. Compared to your conscious mind, in scope and power, your subconscious is the stadium!

And your conscious mind?…

The golf ball!

That's the amazing truth that the latest cutting-edge scientific research reveals about the human brain. In fact, our analogy might even be an understatement.

Brain expert, Tony Buzan, states that the vast potential of the human brain is to all intents and purposes... infinite!

But here’s the thing…

Most people, especially those who consistent fail to achieve their dreams, are using only their conscious minds. They’re leaving the mighty power of their full mind totally untapped.

But this is what distinguishes regular folk from the super high-achievers...

The super-successful tap into the almost infinite power of their subconscious minds every single day (even if they don’t know they're doing it). That’s what really makes them win consistently in every life arena they choose to enter.

The simple reason for this is because...


The most powerful determinant of SUCCESS is...

...your mind! This is true in any field of endeavor.

World-famous Success coach Tony Robbins charges $1 million a year for personal coaching. For example, he’s coached one of the world’s top hedge fund traders for 20 years (a man who made half a billion dollars in a single day). And Robbins too attributes fully 80% of achievement in any field to psychological mindset factors.

In fact, all of the strategies that Robbins used to help this top fund manager overcome his own demons, and regain the success he thought he'd lost forever... were mindset strategies!

Trader Robert Krausz (featured in the acclaimed Trading book, New Market Wizards) repeatedly emphasized that Psychology was responsible for at least 75% of a trader’s success in the markets.

The same reasoning applies to Sports...

Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile in his head FIRST, before he ever did it in reality. Indeed, sports competitors who utilize mental skills tend to far outperform their rivals. It's been proven repeatedly. That's why visualization is a critical component in the training regimie of all professional atheletes today.

Here's what world-renowned personal development trainer, Brian Tracy, says about the effect of self-confidence upon success:

"With greater confidence in yourself and your abilities, you would set bigger goals, make bigger plans, and commit yourself to achieving objectives that today you only dream about.

You would define your life in your own terms and live every day consistent with exactly what it is you want, and not the wishes of other people."

                 Brian Tracy, The Power Of Self-Confidence

So, the principle is universal. What you believe deep down - your inner psychology - far outweighs what you actually do in the outer world. By a factor of 3 or more! Indeed, success trainer Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles, states that one hour of inner work is equal to seven hours of outer work.

But most people try to fix the externals first. And if that doesn't work, they focus even more on the externals, perhaps getting more information or trying a new method etc.

Maybe now you can see that this approach is precisely the wrong way around!

But if all this is true, then why do we fail so consistently? As mentioned earlier, modern Psychology reveals that your psyche is fragmented into many conflicting parts or selves. We may think we're one personality, but the reality is different. We're a blend of many.

And one of these hidden parts is what we're calling the Inner Demon.



So who exactly is this inner demon?The Demon Devouring Your Success

The inner demon is the inner critic, that nasty voice in your head. He's the sum total of all the negative programs you've received throughout your life. From parents, friends, school, your workplace, society etc.

The demon is that inner voice that tells you things like...

"You've got no talent. You're mediocre. Other people are better than you. You might as well not bother trying, because you're only going to fail anyway! There's too much competition. You're too young. Too old. Black. White. The wrong sex. Too late."

And so on. Sneering his vile sneer, curling his lip, he destroys your hopes and beliefs in a better future.

The worst thing is, you believe him! Every single word of it!

And as a result, the inner demon's attacks lead to lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem.

It's this resulting sense of doubt and profound unworthiness that lie are at the heart of why people fail.

Think about your own dreams again for one moment...

If you KNEW you couldn't possibly fail - that you MUST succeed if you just start and persist to the end - then of course you would make every effort possible to achieve your dreams!

The cycle of doubt, pessimism and low self-esteem begins early. As S.A. McLeod states in his scientific paper:

"Low self-esteem in children tends to be related to physical punishment and withholding of love and affection by parents.

... individuals only receive positive attention from significant others (such as parents) when they act in a certain way. This reinforces to the child that they are only a person of value when they act a certain way (e.g. achieving A grades on a test).

McLeod, S. A. (2012). Low Self Esteem. (Retrieved from )

After all, why not?

Hence, the extent to which you don't believe in your ability is the extent to which you fail to act decisively. And it is this very uncertainty that causes you to doubt, postpone and discount your dream.

This lack of self-confidence lies at the heart of ALL failure.

Basically, we feel less talented, less able, less deserving or worthy than others. We consider others to be better than us; more talented, smarter, more determined, more likely to succeed. Or whatever.

This low self-confidence stems from a deeper lack of self-esteem. And, when we eventually do fail as a consequence, it leads to even lower self-esteem which then reduces our self-confidence further.

A vicious circle!

However, all is definitely not lost. As mentioned earlier, you have abundant resources within to overcome the inner demon forever.

And that is where my new system The Confidence Cure comes in... 

So how does The Confidence Cure help?

It harnesses the power of self-talk to change your subconscious beliefs.

What you habitually say/think to yourself is your self-talk. It comes from your internal beliefs about how the world works. Your self-talk shapes how you respond to everything, and the results you get.

The vast majority of self-talk is negative and self-defeating! Inherited from parents, siblings, friends, and society. And it's destroying any chance you have for high performance in your personal or business life.

But the good news is, you can easily change your self-talk. And doing so changes the deep-seated beliefs behind them.

Which means you replace false self-sabotaging beliefs with powerful new beliefs. Which means you replace false self-sabotaging beliefs with powerful new beliefs. Beliefs that help you create exactly what you want to enjoy in life.

The Confidence Cure maximizes the power and potential of your subconscious mind. To turn it from a silent saboteur into the most powerful ally you could possibly have.

And what's unique is it combines hypnosis subliminals, sleep programming, AND conscious affirmations to create a truly unstoppable positive mental bombardment of your subconscious.

The Confidence Cure literally MELTS AWAY the Inner Demon!

These are just A FEW of the many benefits you might expect to enjoy in your own life:

Super-charged POSITIVE thinking.

The simple fact is that the more self-confident you feel, the better you feel about yourself, and the better the results you will experience. This in turn leads to you thinking more positive thoughts, because you have more to be positive about.

And the more positive your thoughts, the higher your self-confidence, thereby reinforcing the whole cycle of success once more.

Strengthen your body, improve your health, and accelerate healing.

In modern medicine, the rapidly growing field of Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) acknowledges the crucial link between mind and body for your overall level of health. Your mind can also influence how resistant you are to injury or disease, and how resilient you are in recovering from a health challenge.

Indeed, the mental component of health is so great that some doctors even believe that the majority of physical ailments they treat have a psychosomatic basis (i.e. based on the patient's mindset and beliefs).

Clearly, the higher your level of self-confidence and self-esteem, the more likely your mind is to affect your body in a positive way. Hence, the greater chance you have of feeling terrific, avoiding illness in the first place, and recovering more rapidly from either injury of illness.

Achieve your goals and dreams with ease.

The simple fact is that the higher your self-confidence, the more likely you are to take massive action in the direction of your goals. If you believe in yourself, then you will do what it takes to succeed. And you will be less likely to be floored by obstacles or challenges.

Rather, your new high self-confidence will enable you to overcome anything that stands between you and your dreams. In a word, you become UNSTOPPABLE!

Enjoy a low-stree, worry-free life!

Worry arises from fears about some negative future scenario we feel unable to cope with.

Stress results from a number of areas; the pressures of daily life, e.g. commuting, dealing with work colleagues, raising kids, frustration over unachieved goals, and so on. The list is endless.

Happily, high self-confidence helps you overcome both. Your worries are minimized because you feel empowered  to meet whatever life may throw at you.

You'll experience less stress. Why? Because higher self-esteem and self-confidence make you more resilient against the challenges of life. You're better able to achieve mental clarity, and achieve more calm and peace at all times.

Happy confidence-charged relationships!

Many of the relationship problems we experience are due to lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem. Romantic relationships, work relationships, family relationships and more.

A guy hasn't the guts to ask the girl out because he feels unworthy of her. An employee lacks courage to ask the boss for a raise because she hasn't the self-esteem to feel deserving of it.

The fact is that anything we ultimately want to achieve in life will depend upon how we relate to others. So, with heightened self-confidence, dealing wither people in a more positive fashion, there is no limit to what you might achieve for yourself.

With heightened self-confidence, you feel great about yourself. And this confidence radiates around you like an aura... attracting people to you and causing them to think well of you. Life becomes easier as your relationships become better.

 Enhanced Creative Genius

With high self-confidence, you believe in yourself for anything you set your mind to. This makes you FAR more likely to go all the way; mining your gifts and talents, bringing out the very best in yourself.

Most people fail to achieve great things and simply give up. They do so because they don't believe in themselves to pull it off. Deep down, they don't think they're worthy of their dream.

So, what is your dream? To write and publish a novel? To make a million dollars? To become an excellent oil painter? To compose poetry? To be an opera singer? To play guitar like Eric Clapton?

Whatever your dream might be, it's probably within your reach... provided you have high self-confidence and the determination to pay the price and never give up.


Here’s what you get in The Confidence Cure:

Component 1: The Confidence Cure Affirmations Program

Imbedded within 27 minutes of pleasing music are 20 super-charged confidence affirmations. They repeat over and over as the music plays, penetrating deep into your inner mind.

These subliminal suggestions bypass your conscious mind. You can’t hear them consciously. But your subconscious mind can, and it accepts them without question. Very rapidly, these empowering beliefs overwhelm and destroy your negative beliefs and programs.

The result is that your self-confidence soars. All the obstructions to your performance fall away. The genius within you finally gets out to play.

Now, this component alone is sufficient to transform your mindset to that of a winner. However, to “turbo-charge” your progress, we have…

Component 2: The Confidence Cure SLEEP Affirmations Program

Your conscious mind is asleep at night. But your subconscious mind always remains alert. Which makes it a perfect time to for even more powerful subconscious mindset training!

In the Confidence Cure Sleep Affirmations Program, you get the same affirmations from component 1, but this time audible. You hear the voice, with no music this time.

And the affirmations repeat over and over again for a full 53 minutes and 44 seconds (the recording is long so that if you use a portable CD player, it doesn’t have to rewind as many times over the course of a night).

So now you can re-program your mind with positive affirmations all night long! For days, or even weeks on end.

Just imagine the impact this is going to have on your self-confidence. On your beliefs about yourself. And ultimately on your profits!


Component 3: The Confidence Cure Affirmations Sheet

In this component, the success affirmations are listed out for you on a certificate-style sheet. You print this out and use it daily.

Why? Because components 1 and 2 of the system are passive. You do nothing, but listen. That's pretty powerful in itself. But now...

You’re going to take an active role! You go on the offensive. And blow away, once and for all, the negative garbage lodged deep in your brain. The stuff that murders your chances for success every single day.

This time, you harness your conscious mind to drive your new self-confidence high self-esteem beliefs even deeper, with the force of a pile-driver… through repetition. By repeating these affirmations over and over again, with emotion, they stick.

So now, you’re harnessing the same self-talk approach, but in your favor. You’re saying extremely positive things to yourself about yourself, your goals, and your dreams. And very soon, you'll believe them.


Component 4: The Confidence Cure Quick Start Guide

This short but detailed guide gives you a total roadmap to super-fast results.

Many people trip up because they don't know how to implement whatever personal development product they've bought. Or else, it's all way too complicated.

Not this time...

You’re given step-by-step instructions for using the entire system – the subliminal music audio, sleep affirmations program, affirmations sheet - all of it in a totally synergistic way.

Everything is explained, nothing left to chance. No chance for failure. You follow the blueprint, you transform your mindset. End of story.

But in case you're wondering...


Who on earth are you? And why should I believe you?

My name is Dr. Asoka Selvarajah. I run the Self Help site, Mystic Visions which gets many thousands of visitors each year. My Aspire To Wisdom ezine benefits many thousands more.

I'm the author of the book, The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self. And I've written countless articles on personal development and human potential. These have been published online and also in established offline magazines such as Magical Blend, Phenomenews, Kindred Spirit etc.

I studied Physics to Ph.D level. And then spent 11 years in Investment Banking, working for several well-known financial firms. This was actually an excellent laboratory to observe the effects of self-confidence upon performance in the most tangible way imaginable.

Plus, I've spent over a decade researching, understanding and teaching the secrets to high-performance and achievement. In fact, I've spent literally thousands of dollars on books, courses, DVDs and seminars on personal and spiritual growth.

And if I may be perfectly candid with you, I too have struggled with the inner demon. There have been areas of my life where I failed to live up to my own goals and dreams. That's what set me on the quest to discover the cause of the problem, and how to solve it.

So that's how I came to have the years of experience that have gone into this product. And you're getting the very best distillation of it in The Confidence Cure.


"OK, Sounds good. So what’s the price?..."

Frankly, for the turbo-charged results you're going to get in your life, several hundred dollars would be reasonable.

After all, if this system can really transform your life as I know it will... what might you achieve? What heights might you scale?

Many personal growth courses and coaching systems cost hundreds or even thousands. And what good is that, if your mind still fools you around all day long, and forces you to fail?!

But don't worry. You’re not going to pay that.

The price for The Confidence Cure is a mere $49.97.

That's equivalent to 14 cents a day for a year. Way less than the price of a coffee. Basically, a no-brainer if you're serious about making a permanent breakthrough in your level of success and achievement.

And the reason for this low price is simple. Once you've experienced The Confidence Cure and transformed your life, you will want to come back and buy other products from me. That way, we both win!

And just to remove even the last hint of any objection, you get to try it…

For , If You Choose!

How?... Simple.

Listen… times are tough. The economy is up the creek. People (maybe even you) are hurting. I understand that.

So, I’M taking ALL the risk on this one!

I do NOT want this to be just another self-help product that simply costs you money. I understand that too. Been there, done it, bought the T-shirt!

So here’s what we're going to do…


Try The Confidence Cure for a full 60 days, at my risk...

This means you get to use the FULL system completely risk-free. Yes, every single powerful resource it contains for turbo-charging your Inner Genius.

You get to experience the results… in terms of Samurai-like confidence, precision and self-belief, AND in rocketing the success you create in your personal and professional life.

All of this must happen for you. And you must be happy with the system in every way. If not, if you have any feeling of dissatisfaction whatsoever, I want you to ask for a full refund. You must be 100% over the moon with the system, or I literally don't want your money.

At any time over this 60-day period, if you feel The Confidence Cure is not working for you, or for any other reason (or even for no reason), simply ask for a full refund.

I’ll rush every cent you paid back to you, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. And guess what? I’ll even let you keep the program as a measure of good will for wasting your time!

You don’t risk a single cent. So it’s like trying out this outstanding performance enhancement program for free.


















So why am I doing this?...

Because I KNOW how powerful this system will be in transforming your life.

And once you know this for yourself, your only response will be (1) gratitude and (2) joy, at the breakthroughs you're making in every single area of your life.

Once you experience the turbo-charged transformation The Confidence Cure will make, you’ll be a fan for life. I know it.

Think of it...

Finally, your dreams of success and achievement can be a reality. You’ll be able to DO virtually anything you can dream of. And you'll banish the Inner Demon forever and finally release the breaks on your genius.

So, the time is now.

Don't leave this off until later. You might forget. And that is exactly what your inner demon will try his damndest to make you do! In fact, if you feel even the slightest inclination "to think about it" know that this is your Inner Demon working RIGHT NOW to keep you from the many breakthroughs you deserve.


THIS is the day your life changes. THIS is the day when it finally all comes together for you. Today, you die to the old negative self. Today, you're reborn as the fearless super-achiever you deserve to be!

So, go ahead. Press the button below and order The Confidence Cure now. 

Let the transformation BEGIN!


Asoka Selvarajah

Order The Confidence Cure: Just 49.97



P.S. You need to HURRY. Each day you delay, you’re living with your old Loser mindset, filled with all the false beliefs that are literally TOXIC to your success in life. Each day you dither, you’re staying with the old mental programs that your inner demon loves to bind you with.

What sense does that possibly make? None!

This is the chance to finally transform your life now and forever. And finally become the super-confident person you always dreamed of being. Which means you get to live the life you always desired, prove everybody who said you'd never make it wrong…. and give your family the support they deserve, forever.

P.P.S.  Don’t forget. You risk absolutely nothing.

The very worst that can happen is you get to use the entire program to reprogram your brain for up to 60 days, effectively at my expense. And, get a full refund of your money if you’re not totally blown away by the results you experience.

So don't delay this. Order now.

The Confidence Cure Full Product



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